Planning your model railway 

A good start when planning your model railway is to read a few copies of monthly magazines and get yourself a copy of the Peco DVD shown below.


   Available from all good model shops at around £20

highly recommended

This DVD will guide you through the stages required so you end up with the layout of your dreams. Peco also do a range of booklets covering all aspect of constructing and operating a model layout including wiring in great detail.


available from good model shops at around £1 each

Most manufactures of model railway stock have web sites and catalogues so make good use of these to see what is available taking note of sizes, colours, etc. which will help you plan.


Another good source of information and good ideas is to go to model railway exhibitions and talk to the exhibitors who will only be to happy to help you.


While at the exhibitions you will have the opotunity to purchase secondhand rollingstock from the traders who attend most shows. As well as saving money the stock, being second hand will give the appearance of already being weathered and lifelike.

click on image below to go to a listing of exhibitions


If you want to design your layout on your computer below is a very good software package which offer a trial version so you can 'try before you buy'  

Click on link below to go to the software web site.

If you prefer the 'hands on' approach to designing your layout maybe you should start with a 'train set' which gets you started as it includes everything required to run your first train. 

The sets include track known as setrack which is pieces of track, some straight and some curved that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so you can make up the layout stage by stage by buying extra pieces of setrack.