After the track is completed and trains are running well it's time to add building, etc to transform the layout into a fully detailed model railway layout.  


For those of you who feel you are not able to assemble buildings from kits there are ready made building available in the most popular gauges for example 'N' and  '00' but they are more expensive then kits. 



 Building kits made of cardboard 

These kits come as a 'flat pack' and are pre-cut ready for assembly. The pieces include tabs allowing the parts to be glued together with glues like PVA or contact adhesive.  The sheets are pre-coloured and even weathered in some cases so no more work is required other than adding details like drain pipes, etc. 


If they to be lifted on and off a layout that is not permament it may be a good idea to add lengths of balsa wood to the joints to strengthen the buildings. 


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Below are a couple of examples from Metcalfe Models which are available in both 'N' and '00' gauge from most good model shops. Superquick kits are currently only available in '00' gauge. Because these kits are made of cardboard they are not suitable for locations that may get damp.




Highly recommended card kit glue 

The above half relief buildings were built from Metcalfe kits



  Building kits made of Plastic

 Plastic assembly kits are available from many suppliers covering different gauges and subjects but the basic British outline are once again in a 'flat pack' form with the plastic  pieces often attached to a main stem of plastic as it came out of the moulding machine. The parts are easily seperated and then ready for assembly with a suitable plastic kit glue which melts and welds the plastic pieces together.


You must take great care not to get the glue on your fingers as this will leave your finger prints on the pieces of kit you touch. The great thing with plastic kits is the surface, for example brick, is embossed with the pattern of bricks. Also as you will be painting the model after assembly you can modify the overall appearance if it suits the model better.


 Below are a few example from a company called Ratio which have been assembled, painted, and in the example of a water tower weathered. These kits are available from most good model shops.



The types of paint available to the modeler are enamel and acrylic. Their main features are as follows:-


  • Oil based and needs a suitable thinner to clean brushes and thin paints for spraying.
  • Hard wearing surface
  • slow drying
  • large range of colours
  • several manufacturers
  • water based so brushes and airbrushes can be washed out with water and thinned with water (some people use windscreen washer fluid) for spraying
  • quick drying
  • colours can be mixed easy for weathering
  • large range of colours
  • several manufacturers



Now add that extra detail to your buildings by using your computor to create signs by croping and resizing images from Google images or your own camera, then printing onto good paper or thin card. Next cut out and glue to your buildings as shown below.



Roadside signs and advert boards can also be created the same way


Ready-made buildings

Most ready made model building these days are made of resin and come completed ready to install on your layout.  Both Hornby and Bachmann have an extensive range in both 'N' and '00' gauge and below are a few examples. 


 Below is a combination of ready made buildings and plastic kits to form part of a town centre. Road details to follow including cars, lorries, buses, and people. 

The rear of the houses will need back gardens with lawns and allotments to add that extra detail. 


Many of the buildings on this page have 'real windows' and therefore lights can be added to add the extra effect. Now don't forget people to bring the layout to life which are available both unpainted and painted.



 Information to follow soon