Basic Ideas for adding that extra scenic effect

Once the trains are running well the next step is to add scenery.

  The scenic effect can be as detailed or as brief as you want. It can even be built in stages as your skills progress. Basically you can't go wrong as you can always re-cover what you have done and move on.


One main tip is to try and create different levels with the railway lines disappearing into the landscape. Also try to use colours in mainly matt finish to add depth and realism to your layout working from photos that perhaps you have taken or from a magazine. Many ideas can be taken from using Google Images and entering a brief description of what you want to model.

Hill sides

First build the basic shape using plaster bandage or paper soaked in PVA over a former which could be screwed up paper or wire netting. When this is dry the next thing to do is add colour.

I have found when trying to produce a slope which is basically a rock face covered in grass that the following materials were very good. 

This is a plaster which can be used straight out of the container and has a finish texture and colour very similar to a rock face.

Apply the plaster with a 1" (25mm) paint brush and shape it to the shape required leaving a rough surface with out crops of rock if required. 

The plaster will go hard over night and will then be ready for any paint and scatter materials to give it all colour.


One of the best ways of buying the emulsion paint is with sample pots  or tubes which come in many matt colours including greys for rock faces together with ground cover colours. Tester 'DIY' pots are also good


Paint the surface with PVA glue and immediately drop scatter material from above which will give a general cover leaving a few gaps where the grey will show through as rock. Now spray the complete area with a fine spray of water which has a very small amount of 'washing-up liquid' to bind the scatter to the PVA glue.

I recommend Woodland Scenics  green blended turf (Part code T49) but there are others which will give a similar finish. Additional bushes can be added using Woodland Scenics 'Bushes'  (Part code FC145) and Clump Foliage (Part code FC683)


 How to create a rock face


Adding the colours 


We acknowledge and thank Woodland Scenics for their great video's 


Static Grass 







WWS have a very good mail order service so have a go !!    


Cheaper applicator


Mid Priced applicator 






Finishing off a Metcalfe kit



 Water effects