Buying track

  After selecting the gauge to suit your space the next thing is to choose the type of track. There are two types of track; setrack and flexible track. 

 Setrack comes in standard sizes with  radius dimensions in four sizes. Points are the same length as standard straights so assembly is easy. This type of track is made by both Hornby & Peco.


 Flexi-track comes in long lengths and can be both cut and curved to suit your requirements. Points have a much smoother angle allowing trains to travel at any speed without derailment.


Setrack comes in pieces, rather like a jigsaw puzzle where the straight tracks are standard lengths and the curve track comes already curved with different radius and again in standard lengths. The points come in standard sizes that match the straights.

No additional items are required other than track pins.


Flexible track comes in 3 foot lengths and can be cut to form any radius curves so if space is available a much smoother curve can be produced which looks very good particularly if the curves blend well into the straight sections. The points come in much more shapes and sizes with a choice of three lengths in both right and left points together with even curved points in each direction.

One last thing to point out is that flexible track is available in standard or fine scale. Standard track (Peco code 100 in 00 gauge & Peco code 300 in N gauge) has a rail profile larger than fine scale with standard being the most popular.  It is not recommended to mix standard and fine scale because the dimensions do not match up.   

As this type of track needs to be cut to length 'fishplates' (track joiners) will be required but the result is wonderful.